Ethereum Layer 2 networks just set a new record

The total value locked (TVL) on Ethereum layer 2 networks recently hit a new all-time high in January, a testament to the continued adoption of Ethereum. Layer 2 networks sit on top of the Ethereum blockchain and help scale it by processing off-chain transactions before sending data to the main blockchain. According to data from … Read more

First Bitcoin Duncan Yo-Yo Launched

Today, Collect & HODL Co, a subsidiary of ProSnacktive Sales LLC, in collaboration with renowned toy company Duncan Toys, has announced the launch of a limited edition, first-ever Bitcoin-themed Duncan Butterfly XT Yo-yo, according to a statement. of press sent. to Bitcoin magazine. The Yo-yo, which symbolizes market ups and downs similar to Bitcoin’s fluctuations, … Read more

XRP Whale Makes Mass Transfer Amid Price Volatility

In light of recent developments in the cryptocurrency market, XRP has once again attracted the attention of investors and the community as the crypto asset has witnessed another massive whale activity. XRP Whales Move Over 50 Million Tokens to CEX A recent report revealed that an XRP whale recently moved over 50 million tokens to … Read more

Bitcoin as a piece of eight of the 21st century

Many commentators compare Bitcoin to gold, with the idea that its finite supply makes it an attractive long-term store of value. There have been historical examples of wide adoption of gold coins, such as the sovereign and semi-sovereign of the British Empire. However, the adoption of sovereigns was often promoted and directed by the British … Read more

Act now! 6,000 Solana wallet drains lurk

As the price of Solana (SOL) has risen in recent months, Solana wallet drain activity has increased, making holders of SOL and Solana-based memecoins more lucrative phishing targets. This week, blockchain security platforms Blockaid and CertiK drew attention to the growing risks Solana ecosystems face at the hands of advanced malware kits known as “wallet … Read more

Crypto Acquisition Scandal Shakes GOP: Lawmaker Accused of Illegally Obtaining Digital Assets

A recent report from Raw Story sheds light on a Republican congressman who allegedly violated a federal financial disclosure law by failing to report two cryptocurrency purchases within the required time frame. The congressman in question, Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA), reportedly purchased Ethereum (ETH) on October 9 and November 5. However, Collins did not reveal … Read more

XRP Price to Rise as Ripple Enters Another $1.5 Trillion Industry

Global crypto payments provider Ripple is set to venture into a substantial $1.5 trillion industry, signaling potential upside for XRP. The company is strategically positioning itself to provide solutions to the financial complexities within this industry. Ripple’s Strategic Expansion In a recent Wednesday report published on X (formerly Twitter), Ripple, a blockchain-based digital payments network, … Read more