First Bitcoin Duncan Yo-Yo Launched

Today, Collect & HODL Co, a subsidiary of ProSnacktive Sales LLC, in collaboration with renowned toy company Duncan Toys, has announced the launch of a limited edition, first-ever Bitcoin-themed Duncan Butterfly XT Yo-yo, according to a statement. of press sent. to Bitcoin magazine. The Yo-yo, which symbolizes market ups and downs similar to Bitcoin’s fluctuations, aims to offer a playful representation of Bitcoin’s journey. These Bitcoin-themed yo-yos are available for purchase exclusively on Walmart Marketplace. “We’re back with a new Bitcoin article that all ages can enjoy!” said Chris Coradini, owner of Collect & HODL Co. “We have worked with another iconic 90+ year old company, Duncan Toys, to bring this to all Bitcoin (and yo-yo) enthusiasts. We continue to feel overly optimistic about the market and demand for Bitcoin. That’s why we’re focused on combining Bitcoin with meaningful brands that all Bitcoin investors will appreciate! In March 2023, the company announced the world’s first Bitcoin-themed PEZ dispenser. Limited launch of 30,000 units of the famous candy dispenser. A few months later, in November, the company also helped launch the first Bitcoin-themed Crocs. This is not a paid advertisement. Bitcoin Magazine is not affiliated with this product. Bitcoin Magazine does not make money from this. Do your own due diligence before purchasing.

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